The Crazy Neighbour Roundup!

It's been a weird week all over the world especially for the citizens from India. From four-footed criminals to husbands who've been cut off, literally and figuratively, we're rounding up the craziest Indian stories that we took on air on the morning show. 


A  cradle robber and a grave digger tied the knot in India as an 83 year old man married a 30 year old woman (his second marriage!) in order to sire a son who would take over his estate. We think "Shut up Grandpa" will be the closer in all their future arguments. 


Another Indian story which is going to give you the shivers. A mother of two castrated her husband, on the suspicion of cheating on her and flushed the bits and bobs down the toilet. A fish somewhere in the Indian Ocean is completely trumatised. 


You won't baaaa-lieve this one but a goat has been arrested in Chhattisgarh for destroying the garden of a bureaucrat.  With a license to eat, this has goat to be the weirdest cell mate ever. 

“When there’s something strange in your garden dude...Who you gonna call? Goat Busters”


And finally in Andhar Pradesh, a farmer has given up on the scarecrows that deter the evil eye and just put up pictures of Sunny Leone instead. He's aparently not a fan but others are distracted enough to not give his crops a second glace. 

Well, I guess now we can call her a certified corn star.


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