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TNL Onstage Season 16

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Read about Brexit? Now it’s about the Datexit!


Sum 41 is back!

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American Top 40

Ryan Seacrest

  • Vote

    Hozier – Better Love

    Votes : 15 | Plays : 27

  • Vote

    Passenger – Somebody’s Love

    Votes : 21 | Plays : 36

  • Vote

    Twenty One Pilots – Heathens

    Votes : 13 | Plays : 33

  • Vote

    Of Monsters And Men – Winter Sound

    Votes : 23 | Plays : 33

  • Vote

    Sum 41 – Fake My Own Death

    Votes : 36 | Plays : 45


Datexit! – When is it time to bail out?

You’ve read all about Brexit, now it’s all about the Datexit. How do you decide when it’s time to bust a move? Read on!

The Return of Ralahamy

Come and laugh along with this vintage production on the 2nd or 3rd of July!

Stigmata Live @ The Show By O!

Gear up for a night of pure Sri Lankan metal and rock!

Here’s Your Week Right Meow!

The cats definitely didn’t get our tongue this week.


In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDxColombo once again brings you an event of epic proportions!

Kermit the Frog presents… your week!

Your week is definitely our business! Kermit the Frog breaks it down in a croakingly good review!

Who will Taylor Swift date next?

Taylor and Tom sitting in a tree… which Hollywood BF will it be?

Here’a a Leak on the Week!

We laughed, we cried, we laughed again until there was a little accident. How was your week?

The Champ of Many Faces

We share some little known facts about a boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, the People’s Champ.

Beginning and Endings this Week!

From ends to beginnings, this is your week on The Wake Up!

Got Onstage On Your Mind?

Here’s what’s new at Sri Lanka’s biggest talent competition.

A Week of Feels!

Hodor and Hell No. Your week on The Wake Up!

  • Identity

    CC feat Salvage

    Plays : 268

  • Waiting for More

    Dylon Manuel feat Slipping Chairs

    Plays : 148

  • Milieu


    Plays : 150

  • The Jokers Confession


    Plays : 157

  • Hush

    Dilan Jayakody feat The at Last Project

    Plays : 150

  • Deaf Blind Dumb

    Paranoid Earthling

    Plays : 151

  • Break Me?

    Shavindra Tissera feat Viroshan and Syzygy

    Plays : 214

  • Children of God


    Plays : 152

  • Colombo Sound

    Type B

    Plays : 137

  • Mr Minister

    Wagon Park

    Plays : 167

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