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Thom Yorke explores your feelings!

8 people who REALLY need to STFU

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What are your 'Dark Necessities'?

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    Red Sun Rising – Emotionless

    Votes : 27 | Plays : 40

  • Vote

    Shinedown – “Asking For It”

    Votes : 33 | Plays : 49

  • Vote

    Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

    Votes : 32 | Plays : 46

  • Vote

    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dark Necessities

    Votes : 43 | Plays : 98

  • Vote

    Good Charlotte – 40 oz. Dream

    Votes : 31 | Plays : 53


Freak Weather Essentials (and how you can help!)

Here’s a few things you need to get through the crazy weather and help others get through it too.

We’re Loving #MakeABandSmaller!

The #MakeABandSmaller hashtag on Twitter right now is giving us a serious case of the giggles.

Here’s Your Horrifying Week on Friday the 13th!

Tracy presents a chilling roundup of a week of horror for your reading pleasure on Friday the 13th.

Move Over, Justin – the Alt Oldies are Back!

All hail the return of alt-rock!

8 people who REALLY need to STFU!

Some people should really drop the mic before they even open their mouths. Do you agree with this STFU list?

Radiohead know how you feel

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke explores your feelings about new album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’.

May The Week Be With You!

Tracy breaks down the week that was, along with some help from our favourite Star Wars characters.


Get your tickets and be ready for a storm!

#StarWarsSong is our fave meme today!

Oh Internet, how we love thee… #StarWarsSong

8 Kinds of Mothers and their Theme Songs!

Here are the 8 best (unconventional) songs that describe our Mothers at their best… and worst.


Radiohead have been teasing us for months, and it’s time for the madness to END.

Your Week on The Wake Up!

Rajapaksas, Raunchy Reality and Raiders, here’s what went down this week on The Wake Up with Tracy.

  • Identity

    CC feat Salvage

    Plays : 256

  • Waiting for More

    Dylon Manuel feat Slipping Chairs

    Plays : 144

  • Milieu


    Plays : 149

  • The Jokers Confession


    Plays : 156

  • Hush

    Dilan Jayakody feat The at Last Project

    Plays : 150

  • Deaf Blind Dumb

    Paranoid Earthling

    Plays : 151

  • Break Me?

    Shavindra Tissera feat Viroshan and Syzygy

    Plays : 213

  • Children of God


    Plays : 149

  • Colombo Sound

    Type B

    Plays : 136

  • Mr Minister

    Wagon Park

    Plays : 166

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